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Amazing Lawn Care Services in Lakemoor, IL for Your Residential Landscape

As a homeowner, you should give your exterior landscape attention. Regular maintenance is one of the keys to preserving the beauty of your landscape and making sure that the plants thrive. A & J Lendechy Lawn Care offers top-quality lawn care and maintenance, a landscaping service that includes regular lawn cleanup. With the help of our professionals in Lakemoor, IL, you will enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn for many years to come. Our team will personally take care of every aspect of your landscaping service needs. By using our service, you can take advantage of these:

Proper Lawn Cleanup

As experts, our specialists know how to handle the maintenance of the entire lawn. We will clear away the dead leaves, twigs, branches, rubbish, and other elements that could damage the plants in your garden. We will carefully mow the grass, we will trim the bushes, and remove dead leaves and branches. After that, we will trim the trees and eliminate any dead wood. We will prune the shrubs and remove brown leaves, as well as infected leaves. After we eliminate the debris and trash, we will aerate your lawn if necessary.

Professional Assistance

Why is our lawn cleanup service one of the most reliable in the area? We never allow our team to utilize outdated and damaged tools for the maintenance of your garden. We utilize top-of-the-line mowers, trimmers, shears, pruners, rakes, spreaders, hoes, shovels, weed removers, weed eaters, trash bins, leaf blowers, ladders, safety gloves, masks, and wear the appropriate gear clothing. With the use of our effective tools and equipment, we will make sure your landscape receives the care it needs. We will help you achieve a more colorful garden and fresher, healthier-looking plants.

For your lawn care needs in Lakemoor, IL, the service provider you are looking for is A & J Lendechy Lawn Care. You can rely on us for quality lawn maintenance and more. Just dial (815) 270-6929 if you want to book our service.