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Reliable Lawn Care Tips for Beginners

Got a New Lawn?

It’s totally normal for people to feel a little anxious when they have new obligations. like taking care of a lawn for the first time. It’s still acceptable to feel concerned about the challenging new task you have ahead of you. Our home’s curb appeal greatly depends on our lawns, and maintaining a beautiful yard is a notoriously difficult task. Here are some lawn care tips for beginners:

Learn More About Your Soil

When it comes to turf, what occurs above ground often mirrors what occurs below. Consider the advice of lawn experts and do a soil test to determine your starting point for important factors like soil pH. Information on test kits and reliable soil laboratories can be found through your county extension office or agricultural agent in your area.

You can collect reliable soil samples on your own. Include distinct samples for problematic locations, such as bare spots or regions covered in unwelcome lawn moss. The lab can adjust recommendations to bring your lawn on track for your plans if they are aware that you are testing different grass regions.

Feed Your Grass Well

The right nutrients are required for lawn grass. Maintaining your lawn’s lush, vivid, and green appearance requires a lot of nitrogen. Based on the organic matter in your soil and other factors, the findings of your soil test will suggest how many pounds of nitrogen your lawn needs annually (typically per 1,000 square feet).

The percentages of actual nitrogen and other nutrients that are contained in products are shown on fertilizer labels by the numbers, allowing you to fit the product to your needs. But be careful, feeding too much or too frequently might be harmful. Establish and adhere to a feeding schedule that fulfills the fertilizer requirements of your grass.

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